Why we are stressed at work and how this affects our health?

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No person on this planet is immune to stress. People are stressing for various reasons. Most often they are stressed at work, where the daily stress.

It becomes chronic and body is no longer able to manage as it should. No matter how smart we are as people, we are not evolved enough to be able to distinguish between physical problems related to life and emotional problems.

Thus, our bodies respond to stress by installing symptoms such as headaches, tension in the muscles, stomach problems, loss of appetite, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, irritability and premature aging.

To avoid problems caused by stress accumulated at work, should we consider these 10 things that bring us in this state.

What causes stress at work?

1. The fact that you do not trust in yourself is one of the reasons that encounter stress at work. If you do not trust that you can resolve your job requirements, you will end in a state of anxiety that will gradually get sick.

2. If you need to “give the report” every day to a supervisor, you have one more reason for getting stressed at work.

3. Do you think that your work is in vain? When you think that you do not provide any benefit to the company you work for, then you have no joy at work. Try to see your potential and try to bring the company a plus.

4. The fact that you do not remember which was your last performance when you praised your boss or he really does not, then here’s a reason to be stressed. You should propose yourself to work harder and impress your superiors. Sometimes success is not important, only that you get permission to propose an idea, that can bring satisfaction and self-confidence.

5. If you do not rest properly, you’ll get to work tired and you’ll lack attention, so fatigue and stress influence each other.

6. The fact that on your desk is nothing green to suggest life, it can be a problem which can induce stress. This color may suggest peace and quiet and thus can reduce stressful atmosphere which you can perceive office.

7. You work more than two hours without taking a break? Here’s another reason you’re stressed at work.

8. The work of employees often compete, either directly or indirectly. This can make you feel alone. Loneliness is not good for anyone, and can cause serious long-term health problems.

9. Failure to properly manage your time for all the tasks can cause you stress. You must learn to be more organized.

10. The way you set up office matters is very important. Office is where you spend most of the time, it should be inviting and inspiring to be an area close to what we call “personal”.

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