What will be the last gift of Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie?

The actor prepared a farewell surprise for the former wife…

It seems that one of the most high-profile divorce processes of our time comes to an end. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are ready to go to the world. For a long time, the stumbling block remained the common mansion of ex-spouses in the prestigious area of Los Angeles. After receiving the house, the actress intended to quickly sell it, but Brad went with her for a deal. The actor offered to give the former wife a new apartment in any location chosen by her, and in return to leave the property in Los Felice for herself.
Pitt took this decision primarily for the sake of his children: it is important for him that the heirs continue to come to the house where their childhood passed. On the territory of the mansion there is a giant swimming pool, as well as a skate ground and a host of other activities, from which adolescents are crazy. The actor gave Jolie the keys so that she and the children could come at any time for a few days and relax away from the bustling city. However, he does not insist on his presence and is ready to move out in advance in order to avoid an undesirable meeting.
Recall that after the news of the divorce, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt entered the warpath on the issue of custody of six children, as well as ownership of jointly acquired real estate. Following the lawsuit with his ex-wife, the Hollywood actor lost more than he acquired, but did not regret what had happened. The only thing that bothers him most is separation from heirs, with whom he is allowed to see only in specially designated hours. Fans are seriously alarmed by Pitt’s health – in recent months he has lost at least 10 kilograms.
Unlike her former wife, Angelina is already in full swing planning her future life. According to rumors, the actress for the fourth time was going to marry a mysterious billionaire, with whom they dream of adopting the seventh child she dreamed about for so long. Perhaps the whole large family, led by the new elected Jolie, will just move to a new house, which she was given to her goodbye by her ex-husband.

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