What to do to have a better day than usual?

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At a closer look, you can make many mistakes, from early in the morning, which can compromise your productivity and happiness. For example, just think about what you are doing when you drink your coffee.

Once you read what you do wrong from the beginning of your day till the end it’s possible to change your routine. We are not talking about major life changes, only adjustments with beneficial effects on your condition.

1. Stop the alarm. Nothing like a few minutes extra minutes in bed. But, as the experts said, stopping the alarm repeatedly is not a good idea. In part because once you go back to sleep in a new sleep cycle that certainly does not go well for your health. Therefore, you can wake up dizzy and not freshly rested. The solution? Find out how many hours of sleep are necessary for you and try to reach the approximately number.

2. Check messages immediately after you woke up. Most people sleep with the phone under the pillow. With a simple gesture can have the device in hand, the first thing to check incoming messages. It is wrong! Try to wait till are really awake.

3. Drinking coffee. If you think you cannot work until you drink a cup of coffee, then you should have another look to the problem. Normally, your body naturally produces higher amounts of a hormone that regulates energy between 8:00 am and 9:00 am. The best time to drink coffee is after 9:30. Drinking coffee before this time could causes the body to produce it in smaller quantities.

4. Skip the breakfast. Nutritional adviser Lisa DeFazio shows that if you skip the first meal of the day your metabolism suffers, your blood sugar level drops and you will not be productive. You’ll feel irritated and you will not be able to concentrate. DeFazio recommends oatmeal and smoothies.

5. Arrive late to work. A study shows that bosses tend to categorize subordinates delaying as less conscientious and to see low standards of work. So, try to get the time.

6. Light tasks first. Studies are contradictory in terms of appearance: concentration and ability to work decrease as the day goes? It would be ideal to solve your most difficult tasks at the beginning of the working day, because you cannot always call your mental strength needed.
7. Eating at your desk. Research shows that if you take time to prepare and eat food together with your colleagues you will have stronger links with them and the performance can be high. Then, any type of break can be refreshing and productivity can be boosted.
8. Listen to music while you work. Even if it seems that you are more focused when listening to music, things are not so. Neuroscientist Daniel Levitin has shown that intellectual activities such as reading and writing, suffer when listening to music. The exception is when doing monotonous and repetitive activities, like when you drive, but listen to music. Levitin says it’s better to listen to music 10 or 15 minutes before you start work, which can put you in a state of relaxation and productivity.

9. Do you exercise. We all know the scenario: you had a rotten day at work and all you want is to change into pyjamas and watch the serial. But if you could do some exercises before bed you should thank your body. There are a lot of advantages of making physical activity and anxiety, depression and stroke risk decreases. Also, you can lose weight if you want. Set hours for exercise in your calendar and stick to them! Once you start them you’ll be motivated to keep going and you’ll feel the effects.
10. Late Dinner. Eating late hours can affect sleep quality and ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The idea is to eat three hours before you sleep. If you’re hungry late at night would be good to eat more calories during the day.
11. The hours spent on social media. Check feed on Facebook or Instagram may seem relaxing after a day’s work. But it is not. Using Facebook’s passive, ie activity tracking other users without you post something, you can be cranky. Because become envious pictures, holidays and ideals of others.


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