VIDEO: The cops in Canada got moves

Who told that work time is only for work? This person must be boring as a hell! Canadian policemen follows the idea of YOLO – you only live once and enjoy their lives during the work showing the world that not only can they catch any offender but also that they have got some moves
It is debatable if it is appropriate at work but aren’t they all in the first turn just people? We can sincerely say that the moves are quite good and the policemen are really charming. And if because of any reason they decide to stop making career in law enforcement bodies, they won’t be left on the street without any work to do.
And as far as we can judge from the reaction of users in social network they really do like this new style of the policemen! Everyone underlines how friendly Canadian officers are and how open-minded and easy-going they appear to be. And every second user considers moving to Canada where such cute officers are on the guard of the peaceful life.
And in general everybody agrees that it serves good to close the gap between the cops and the community, to show each and everyone that they are not some tough guys in the uniform wearing guns and fully armed in general who are just waiting to put you in the jail. That you don’t have to scare to death when you see one or start looking around trying to figure out what have you done wrong or thinking that you may have some troubles with them. Actually, dance is a kind of way for showing that the policemen’s duty is first of all to give citizens the sense of security and that is how it works: you don’t have to worry about some crimes or whatever if even cops are just dancing and enjoying some spring day and life as a whole. I guess everybody is quite tired from seeing miserable uptight faces here and there, huh?
Nevertheless we have no doubt that if needed the readiness of these guys will amaze anyone. Canada is known to be one of the most secure countries in the world. And that seems to have some correlation with the work of its police, don’t you think so? So the professional capacity of Canadian cops doesn’t fit in any doubt. So are they the ideal law enforcement officers? Both competent and funny? Ready not only to stand for you and drive away trouble but also to cheer you up and make your day with their friendliness and openness? You know, they really may be. In the middle time, please, do enjoy the video and decide for yourself which cop do you like the best: the gloomy man in the uniform or cheerful person ready to help and to assist and certainly protect you from any unpleasant surprise that can happen on the streets in these days. So, the choice is yours, reader, so make it carefully.

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