VIDEO: One year ago, Canadians generously donated to the Red Cross. Because of you, we’re helping communities rebuild

The Red Cross is the humanitarian organization that was founded in 1863 and that is by now uniting more than 100 millions of staff and volunteers around the world. The main goal of the Red Cross movement is to help every one who needs help without making any unpleasant difference between them, contributing that way to the establishing of peace in the whole world. Today we are about to talk about their mission of helping Canadians to fight tremendous devastation that fell over their head in 2016.
One year ago Fort MacMurray was hit by a wildfire that caused 28,000 families to live their homes. Firstly the state of emergency was declared in Fort MacMurray only, but then the whole province of Alberta was forced to rescue its citizens. The fire spread rapidly and people were rushing to live the place as quick as possible. Already on the third day of disaster happening the Red Cross started receiving donations from Canadians and organized the registration of the evacuees. On the seventh day the whole world is already keeping their fingers crossed for the people struggling with fire in Canada and they keep on sending large amounts of money to help those in the need of help. A month later the Canadian government announces that the evacuees can return home. Thousands of volunteers meet them in the airports and bus stations, thousands of volunteers provide financial support, as well as first need goods: food, water, cleaning materials and the most important – emotional support. But the real work is still to be done. Residents have literally to rebuild the region anew. But the Red Cross is still on the guard and 3275 volunteers is ready to donate 246,421 hours to helping local residents to recover from the stroke they got totally unexpected.
Now the Red Cross is expressing their deep gratitude for all the assistance, financial and emotional that they have hot from the not indifferent people around the world. Canadians who suffered from the last year wildfire say that it wasn’t scary to lose your home because you could build a new one but it was far scarier to lose your life because you could never get it back. Some of them share their experience and tell us that they had been thinking that they had been all alone, and then the Red Cross had extended an arm. 11900 families were given financial aid to restore their households. And not only usual citizens helped the sufferers, 54 partnerships were made to support local community organizations.
The aid is aimed at helping also with food, rent and with showing these people that they are not alone. People are uniting for rebuilding the life they once had, for their family and for their community. And every person that has donated to the Red Cross had helped not only with money but with the warmth of their soul. Who knows which disasters would hit our planet another time, but at least we can be sure that it won’t be treated indifferently and that there always will be people who will care.

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