VIDEO: Jim Estill spent millions to bring 58 families to Canada. He found them homes, gave them jobs and set up language courses.

More than 6 years Syria suffers from the bloody civil war. During these hard 6 years more than 5 million people have lost their homes and were forced to look for the better lives in the foreign land. Developed countries were kind enough to offer them help and shelter, but everybody knows what kind of problems are the refugees facing. It is lack of the job, cultural gap, language gap and what is more important that is the sense of losing everything and being a kind of burden for the accepting side.
Canadian Jim Estill considers it to be his sacred duty to help people in the minute of need. He had made a decision to help more than 200 refugees settle on the new place. Since 2015 58 families have already found their place in the society of their new homeland. Jim has spent over 1,5 million of dollars to realize his idea of what is right on practice.
Actually, Jim doesn’t think that it is too many to sponsor: 200 people in the city of Guelph with 130,000 of population – not such a big deal, he thinks. This little subgroup doesn’t change the culture or the mentality, though locals can help the refugees to adapt a lot.
Estill’s “home ground” program aims at all the biggest problems that refugees meet during their adaptation: they get the job, they take up English courses and they get the biggest opportunity that is to communicate with each other and local citizens and feel that they are needed.
In the interview they tell how lucky they are to get this chance to start a whole new life. They stated that only after 10 or 15 days after arrival they got the job without struggling to find one. And the salary is quite good. The workers note that they don’t work very hard and have never been exploited but they appreciate the chance to feel themselves the part of the community and to spend some time together. They often share the same attitude toward Jim: they just love him and highly evaluate his attitude toward them stating that he knows their names and really cares about them creating the sense of the brotherhood at the production.
Jim Estill doesn’t work all alone. More than 800 volunteers help him and he laughs that it looks like he is running the company with 800 employees. He gets his inspiration looking at people working and doing their first steps toward the success. That is the thing that motivates him to do more good things to help him. He acknowledges that he feels the love of his workers, their hugging and kissing him is their way of saying “thank you for making us safe”.
So, Jim is fully justified to start his own “Schindler’s list”. And out of all people he is the one who can with the full right say that “Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire”. And such people as Jim Estill give us the hope that the world can still be saved.

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