VIDEO: Canada’s New Shipping Shortcut

Almost no one yet lives in Arctic, but it is said that it will be the most powerful region in some time. Eight countries has territories beyond the polar circle, they are Canada, USA, Russia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark through the territory of Greenland. And the peculiar thing is that it is shorter from Anchorage, Alaska to Tromso, Norway than it is to New York. It takes less than three hours for any of these eight countries to reach each other through the arctic shortcut. It is well-known that ices of Arctic are melting. It may be argued why, but the fact is to be accepted. There is less ice than it was 50 years ago and in only 100 years period the whole countries like Maldives can be covered with water due to rising sea level because of melting ice. But one important consequence no one thinks about is that on the place where ice once was, there will be perfectly navigable waters.
That is to say, that the new North-West passage should be opened. In his time, Northwest Passage opened the road from Europe to Canada through Canadian archipelago making the sailing around Cape Horn unnecessary. Firstly, only very small and light ships could make their way through ice, but recently large commercial ships are able to cleave through Northwest Passage.
Another country that is interested in easening the way of the ships through the Northwest Passage is China. The shortcut makes the country able to increase its competitiveness on the east coast of USA while having to spend less money on shipping traffic.
So, the increased interest of the world toward the Northwest Passage presents a great opportunity for Canada. It is widely known that northern territories of this country are quite under developed, less than 120,000 people live there – less as in the small town on a territory that is large enough to accommodate the whole country of India. So if the Northwest Passage keeps developing and it does, this region will develop rapidly ad well to support those shipping routes. However there is on problem for Canada. Before the Northwest Passage even appeared these waters were considered to be their inner waters, but with the increasing importance of the passage that can save millions of dollars to the neighboring countries – there rise claims that these waters should be announced and as a matter of fact already are international waters which actually means that all countries has equal rights on them and not a single country can charge fees for sailing these waters.
But returning to the melting snow in Arctic, scientists say that by the end of 2050 there will be no snow there. And this opens the greatest shortcut in the world – Arctic Ocean. For example, a route from Japan to Europe will take 7,000 miles instead of 14,000 miles it takes today – that makes goods twice cheaper. Unfortunately , the cheapening of goods will be possible for us at too expensive price – thousands of lives taken by the global warming.

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