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The new function of Google maps introduces localization in real time

Google Maps introduce sharing function localization in real time so that the person will give this information the user can see at any time where the map and as is to the point of meeting.

Sharing function localization in real time can be disabled at any time or can be activated for a specific period.
The “share location” will be available in a few days for Google Maps app on Android and iOS, but also on the desktop version.
“If you want someone to know where you are at any time you should access the Share option location. The next step is to choose with whom do you share your position on the map and how long the function will be active. People to whom you gave your position on the map will see you on their map. The fact that you shared your position on the map will be indicated by an icon that will appear above the compass on the map. You can stop share location function at any time, “explains Google location sharing function.
Location sharing service is also available when using the navigation function of Google Maps.
“If you are late for a meeting, you can send the estimated time for your destination, the other person to know when you will arrive. Person (or persons) whom you have shared this information will see in real time how much time you get up and you can follow the road to the destination. Sharing ends automatically when you reach your destination, “says Google.
Location sharing can be done with anyone, people can be selected from phone contacts or Google contacts.
To be able to use the “share location”, users must have a Google account, but those to whom it is shared a location does not necessarily need to have a Google account, this can be sent through a link.
The minimum time that can be shared is 15 minutes, and the maximum is up when the function is turned off. Closure does not disable the Google Maps, Google states.
So now you can know where you friend is when he/she is late for 10 minutes or you can help someone to find you more easy. This is a function which for sure will help many of us in desperate situations in which we are lost for good. So, we can sincerely say that Google has made a good job!

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