The Brazilian police began hunting for bandits

Half a dozen criminals were detained at once in Rio de Janeiro

The Brazilian police began to hunt gangsters. Half a dozen criminals were detained in Rio de Janeiro at one time. Residents of the northern regions were asked not to go out into the streets, they blocked all roads there.
On the roofs – there are snipers, on the ground – special forces. Shoots are heard, persecution begins. This is not a footage from a Hollywood action movie. In Rio de Janeiro – a special operation to detain drug traffickers. About fifty people are handcuffed.
In the north of the city all schools and kindergartens are closed, people are asked not to leave the house. The district was cordoned off by the siloviki, helicopters got up in the sky.
When the arrests began, unknown persons in the balaclava set fire to eight passenger buses and several trucks. The police concentrated additional forces and blocked the streets. At the exit from Rio, a congestion was formed for fifty kilometers.
Now the situation in Rio de Janeiro is under control, the authorities assure. The police seized several dozen automatic rifles, pistols and grenades from the detainees.
The country’s leadership hopes, at least for some time in the city will become safer.
Recall that recently in Brazil, a car rammed a crowd of people blocking the motorway near the city of Sao Jose dos Campos in the state of São Paulo.
One of the motorists still decided to try to drive and at first slowly moved towards the people, but several people rested against the hood and blocked his way. Then he sharply pressed the gas and moved several people.
According to local media, two women were injured. The driver was later detained by the police.
Protests in the country began after on Wednesday the lower house of parliament approved a bill to amend labor legislation.
Brazilian President Michel Temer, however, said he intends to continue “modernizing the country’s legislation.”
During the demonstration in São Paulo, protesters in response to police actions threw the President’s house with stones.

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