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Ridley Scott about a possible encounter with the aliens: “They’ll wipe us into powder in three seconds”

Film director Ridley Scott believes that our galaxy is inhabited by hundreds of species of intelligent beings and that any encounter with extraterrestrial intelligence is unlikely to end happily for humanity, according to the online edition of Live Science.

“Any form of extraterrestrial life, sufficiently developed to reach Earth, is likely to have a very powerful intellect and will behave aggressively towards humanity.” If someone is stupid enough to challenge them, the aliens will wipe out You into powder for three seconds, “- said Scott, whose words quoted by Live Science.

Ridley Scott is the creator of one of the most successful and popular film franchises about extraterrestrial intelligence and unknowable aliens – the film “Alien” and his prequel “Prometheus.” Each of them became a blockbuster in its time and caused controversy about how humanity should behave in a collision with other forms of life and what threats they can carry to our civilization.

Scientists: we can not find aliens because they are extinct
At the end of May this year there is a continuation of “Prometheus” – the movie “Alien: The Covenant.” Talking about what topics related to the exploration of outer space and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence will affect this film, Scott noted that he believes that in our Galaxy there are at least about 100-200 civilizations of intelligent aliens. The establishment of contacts with them, according to the director, will be the beginning of the end of human civilization.

Scientists have already reacted negatively to Scott’s assessments. For example, Seth Shostak, the lead astronomer of the Institute for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), assured that such a number of alien civilizations does not have any scientific basis.

The number of planets in our Galaxy, as Shostak explains, is about a trillion, at a weighty share of which life can originate and give rise to extraterrestrial intelligence: “The number of such planets can be as much as zero, or a thousand or even a billion, and we do not know which Time for them could appear “brothers in reason” and how long they existed or still exist. ”

The first traces of the existence of mankind, as Shostak notes, began to fall into space only about 70 years ago, when radio and television broadcasts from the Earth became powerful enough to leave its atmosphere. During this time, only nearby planets could “hear” these signals and understand that there is a reasonable life in the solar system.

Even if there are such aliens in the immediate vicinity of the Earth, they, in Shostak’s opinion, would hardly be interested in capturing our planet for the sake of its resources or enslaving humanity for gastronomic or economic purposes. Aliens who have completely exhausted all the mineral resources will find it easier to extract them on asteroids and uninhabited planets of their star system, than to fly them to the distant Earth.
Astrobiologists propose to search for newcomers by the method “from the opposite”
On the other hand, Shostak agrees with Scott that if the aliens find the Earth first, then surely their level of technological development will be incommensurably higher than ours. And if they show some aggressive intentions, then in such cases, people will have two “options” – to submit to the “new rulers of the Earth” or try to hide, the scientist concludes.

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