Kate Middleton requires 1.5 million euros for the publication of her photo topless

The continuation of the story, which began in 2012

The Royal Family of Britain carefully monitors its reputation, but even it does not always manage to avoid scandals. In 2012, the paparazzi made compromising pictures of Kate Middleton during her vacation with her husband in Provence, who then went to the French media. In the photo, the Duchess of Cambridge is sunbathing topless in a chateau at the cousin’s uncle Prince William, viscount Lynley. “Their royal highnesses expected respect for their private life when they are on vacation. Making such pictures is simply unacceptable, not to mention publishing them, “the representative of William and Catherine said at the time.
The Duke and the Duchess sued the tabloids that had published the photographs, but the lawsuit dragged on. Yesterday, on May 2, a meeting took place at which lawyers of Prince William and his wife voiced their demands. For the moral damage caused to them by the publication of photographs, Kate and William require $ 1.5 million from publications (approximately 93 million rubles).
According to experts, Prince William and the Duchess have every chance to win the case, because according to the laws of the UK to photograph people without their permission and on their own territory is prohibited.
Earlier in the London marathon, Kate Middleton spoke very warmly of Harry. Catherine noted a recent frank interview with Prince Harry, in which he honestly told how hard it was for the death of his mother, Princess Diana. The prince admitted that the psychologist helped him to cope with the loss.
But, according to insiders, the Duchess publicly praised Prince Harry for his frankness, not only to emphasize the importance of talking about mental health. Sources close to the royal palace claim that Kate thus wanted to hint to her husband that he should take the example from his younger brother and be more open. According to the wife of Prince William, he does not need to be afraid of talking about the death of his mother and the divorce of his parents.
Recall that Lady Di broke in a car accident in Paris in August 1997. In March this year, William with his wife for the first time since the death of his mother visited the French capital.

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