Johnny Depp on the brink of ruin?

It became known that the 53-year-old actor had squandered his fortune

The quarrel between Johnny Depp and his accountants has reached a new level. Recall that in the spring of 2016, the actor sacked all of his financial advisors, and then applied with a 25 million claim to the court. Former employees Depp accused of fraud, demanding punishment for the theft of his money. In response, managers said that millions of people who had disappeared allegedly in their pockets were actually spent by the actor himself, inclined to impulsive spending (that is, simply to throwing money). Now, a year later, the offended managers struck again, unacceptably beating the reputation of a celebrity. The counterclaim filed yesterday in the Supreme Court of California demands that Johnny Depp be involved in the unlawful termination of the employment agreement (dismissal) and conduct a psychiatric examination. “The habit of showing off in an interview with a love for excessive spending indicates mental distress. Depp suffers from compulsive disorder, which is easily provable by medical examination, “the statement says, whose authors are convinced that the star of the Pirates of the Caribbean is sick with anomie (a disorder that manifests itself in a maniacal need to buy something all the time).

The plaintiffs also report that in the last months of their joint work, Depp has spent more than $ 2 million a month on every nonsense, which exceeds even his financial capabilities. Among the acquisitions of Depp – several islands, a farm for breeding horses, 14 mansions in France. Of the “little things” – five million, spent on a gun, with the help of which the actor destroyed the ashes of his friend Hunter Thompson, as well as a monthly $ 30,000 for alcohol.

As for the “habit of showing off” expenses, Johnny Depp has, on several occasions publicly made it clear that he is inclined to unexpected purchases. “If I want to buy 15 thousand cotton pads per day – this is my business,” – said the actor.
Just yesterday, the Western media published information that the company The Management Group, once engaged in the finances of Johnny Depp, sued the actor. In particular, the company’s representatives accuse ex-lover Amber Hurd that he suffers from an acute form of shopaholism and can not control his spending himself. Over the past few years, he spent over $ 75 million on the acquisition of 14 mansions in different parts of the world, including in the south of France and the Bahamas. In addition, the 53-year-old actor spent a fortune on expanding his fleet to 45 cars, not to mention the impressive collection of guitars, consisting of more than 70 tools.

In turn, the actor believes that with the help of illegal financial transactions, The Management Group stole from his account more than $ 25 million, and this was the reason for the fact that last March Johnny Depp terminated the contract with the firm and filed a lawsuit against the company In the amount of the stolen amount.

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