How can you become more loveable using simple things?

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Here is a list of factors, which can lead to a pleasant personality. Experts say that there are specific reasons for which a person is more pleasant than another.

1.Copy the person you are

The strategy is called mirroring and mimicking subtle behavior involving another person. When you talk to someone trying to imitate that person, body language, gestures and facial expressions.

2.Spend more time around those who want to make friends

According to exposure effect, if a person sees you more it becomes more familiar with your presence, even if this does not involve any interaction.

3.Give compliments

People will associate your compliments with your personality. If you describe someone as honest and good, people will associate you with these qualities. The opposite is also valid: if constantly offend those around you, people will associate those negative elements with your personality, even if they were those who suffered injuries.

4.Display positive emotions

Emotional contagion describes what happens when people are strongly influenced by that of others, so if you want people to feel good around you, you need to put positive emotions.

5.Be warm and competent

This involved two related elements. If you are friendly, people will trust you and will respect you based on your skills, and educational level.

6.Show your faults

People will like you even more if you’re wrong, but not before proving that you are competent. Showing that you are not perfect makes you more approachable and more vulnerable (so is no danger) for the people around you.

7.Emphasizes shared values

It is great when two people share the same tastes, but it’s not enough. Emphasis is needed on this issue.

8.Touch and occasionally

Touching someone on their arm or back makes the speaker feel closer. One study showed that men double their chances of entering into a discussion with a woman when they reach their arm in a discreet manner .


This is probably the oldest trick known in the media, politics, marketing and many other areas involving social relations.

10.View the person as you like to be seen

People want to be perceived in a way that fits the way they see themselves. This phenomenon is described by the many theories. In other words, we want confirmation from others.

11.Tell you a secret

This is a very effective technique. It gives the idea that you trust the individual and also the prospect that you feel close to answering, probably the same way.

12.Show you can wear secrets

Continuing the previous idea, keeping a secret is probably the most effective way to get your new friend. It is the supreme proof of confidence.

13.Sense of humor

Laughter or humor, is one of the most important characteristics of a person who can be approachable and friendly and, according to studies, can not be miss.

14.Be less vulnerable

As previously mentioned, vulnerability make a person feel safe around you, so approachable.


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