Effects of apple cider vinegar on skin

Everyone understands that there is no universal cure from al kind of skin illnesses which people suffer from. Eczema, acne, age spots – they tend to worry many people. But sore upon sore is not salve. So many creams used for different kinds of disease cause further problems. So, maybe we should ask ourselves if there are any alternative that can be used and which will be more natural and healthy?
What is apple cider vinegar?

Every hostess has tried apple cider vinegar as a cooking ingredient. But Womaen’s Health says that it is the best way to cure every possible trouble that concerns skin. The acetic acid, natural alpha-hydroxy acids and the pH properties gives the needed effect and heals the skin.

Why namely it?

It can be used for treating easy issues like dry skin but can also be used to cure much more serious problems such as psoriasis. Women’s Health says that the level of pH in apple cider vinegar is somewhere round what human skin is having. It serves like a natural skin toner as far as it makes spores more little and tightens the skin itself.
So, what can it be used for?

1) Age spots
It is the alpha-hydroxy acids that help to get rid of dead skin cells. And after sometime it is possible to remove some of the age spots from skin.
How to use: Put apple cider vinegar with a cotton sponge right to the age spots. Leave for 30 minutes. Repeat the procedure twice a day for six weeks for better results.

2) Acne
Malic acid makes apple cider vinegar a real killer of all sorts of acne. It cleans the face and fives also antifungal and antibacterial effect.
How to use: You don’t need to make a solute, just pay attention to rinse it with water after application. But it should be put in a very small amount.

3) Skin toner
One of the best capacities of apple cider vinegar is to soothe the skin and to make it tighter. Thanks to astringent properties it becomes actual skin toner!
How to use: Mix water and apple cider vinegar in 1:1 proportion and add a few drops of lavender oil. Then the mixture should be applied with a cotton ball directly o the skin for two minutes, then it should be washed away with a large amount of water. Could be repeated two times a day top.

4) Soothe sunburn
Sunburn is quiet an unpleasant trouble – it burns and itches, but apple cider vinegar as it was already stated is a natural astringent that can help reduce these horrific symptoms of the burned skin.
How to use: Can be done several times a day. Mix ½ of water with ½ ow apple cider vinegar and gently put to sunburn areas.
But Healthline took care to give some warnings about result being not 100% and needing some time to appear:
–You should remember that in some cases simple vinegar is not a bit of enough cure. And some serious illnesses do need even antibiotics.
–It is forbidden to apply to the open wounds, as far as it is natural irritant. Also it can cause allergy which will be expressed in swellings, rush and hard breathing.
–It can make worse: inflamed skin or burning sensation

Take care to consult a professional before taking up a medicine on your own!

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