“Death Note”: Are you ready?


Presented the first teaser of the series “Death Note” based on the same manga / anime.

On the Internet, laid out the first teaser of the movie “Death Note”, based on the Japanese manga of the same name. Production of the picture is handled by Netflix, who invited to the place of director Shane Black (shot “Glorious Guys” and wrote the script for all parts of “Deadly Weapon”). The film’s premiere is scheduled for August.
“We suggest you obey the rules”. That’s the warning at the forefront of this spooky tale. Based on the famous Japanese manga written by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, Death Note follows a high school student If the owner inscribes someone’s name into it while picturing their face, he or she will die. Intoxicated with his new godlike abilities, the young man begins to kill those deems unworthy of life.
What if you had the power to decide who lives and who dies? What would you do? Death Note explores this idea, bringing the tale to U.S. shores for the first time after being successfully launched in Japan with a live action movie that has a huge cult fan base. While some U.S. adaptations of popular anime and manga are frowned upon, fans have been eagerly awaiting this movie.
The Netflix original film is directed by Adam Wingard, best known for the hit horror. Blair Witch and You’re Next. It features an amazing ensemble that includes stars Nat Wolff (Paper Towns), Margaret Qualley (The Leftovers), Lakeith Stanfield (Get Out), Paul Nakauchi (Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End), Shea Whigham (American Hustle) and Willem Dafoe (Spider-Man).
“I think Anime style is Speed Racer and Dragon Ball and with the help of Death Note I tried to give it a gritty lived in look. “With that, said Death Note is is to be my most insane movie.
Death Note will premiere exclusively on Netflix on August 25th. This is a trivago! This is the expectation!

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