Choose vegetable salad if you want to lose some weight fast

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Salad vegetable contains many colorful and tasty sauces that still do not have a very high caloric intake, which means it helps you lose weight, and eat healthy.

They contain protein (low-fat), found in meat, fish or chicken – grilled, or seafood. Salads are a visual delight characterized by a wide variety of shapes, colors and textures. This is not a coincidence, given that appetite is in close relation with food.

When you keep a diet, it is very important to have the feeling that we are not restricted to only eat certain foods. Another advantage of this diet is to eat as much as we want without having to abstain.
Under no circumstances, eating salads will equal with having pasta for your breakfast, for example. In this way, we deduce another major advantage of its cure, namely that we can eat as we wish, without feeling guilty afterwards.

To adopt this diet, you need to eat salads at least 3 times a week at first, serve at list one of them daily. The beneficial role of this diet is to help you lose weight, but not only – it will help you to maintain the cholesterol and heart rate at normal level.

How to prepare a tasty and healthy salad?

1.Start with vegetables

The more colors, the better. Choose green vegetables such as turnips, cabbage leaves, green peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers, celery, green onions, spinach, peas or green beans. Choose a salad with fat leaves and harmonize them with some chopped vegetables.

2. Add protein

Salads are a great way to not throw leftover grilled chicken that remained from dinner. White meat proteins are very good alongside pieces of tofu and vegetables. Proteins that can be put in salad are found in:
– Canned vegetables (green beans, brown beans, beans); wash them well before adding them to the salad.
– Strips of grilled chicken or red meat. Warm salad if you prefer, you can warm up a bit in the microwave or cook them quickly.
– Cubes of marinated tofu. Usually found in jars marinated with olive oil. If you prefer homemade, buy natural tofu and add olive oil sauce over salad.
– Canned tuna, preferably nemarinate with 0% fat.
– Cheese (sprinkle salad in the end, no salt).

3. Put and cereals

Easter, in their great variety of shapes and colors, are very suitable for salad choice. The best thing would be for them to be wheat or rice-based. If you still reluctant regarding the pasta you can eat a slice of rye bread instead.

4. Choose a healthy and tasty sauce

Olive oil is best. You can put as much as you want because it doesn’t facilitate fat and it helps you to get rid of cholesterol. Also, you can add a bit of apple cider vinegar diluted in water.

5. delights choice

A handful of unsalted nuts or peanuts, fresh or dried fruit, corn flakes, all are allowed.

Enjoy your meal!

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