6 hearts: Death of the Rockefeller millionaire

David Rockefeller, an American banker, philanthropist, presidential adviser and heir to one of the world’s largest states, died at the age of 101. He was the oldest billionaire in the world.

American billionaire and banker David Rockefeller died at the 102nd year of life on Monday morning, March 20. This is reported by The New York Times referring to the representative of his family Fraser Seitel .
According to him, the tycoon died in a dream in his house in Pocantico Hills.
As noted by Forbes, on March 20 Rockefeller’s fortune was 3.3 billion dollars. In the ranking of the richest people in the world, according to the magazine, he held 581-th place.
He was also known as a philanthropist who donated about a billion dollars to charity.
For many years, John Rockefeller Sr. was chairman of the board of trustees of the New York Museum of Modern Art, which in 1929 founded his mother Abby. The personal collection of Rockefeller was estimated at $ 500 million.
The wife of David Margaret, whom he married in 1940, died in 1996. They had six children. He survived one of the two sons.
David was the first representative of the Rockefeller dynasty, who reached the century. During his life, he suffered seven cardiac transplants and two – a kidney transplant, which is a world record. The first heart transplant was done to David Rockefeller Sr. in 1976 after a car accident that provoked a heart attack. Rockefeller received his last heart in August 2016. He preferred not to expand on operations, as the press often expressed doubts about the fact that billionaires were transplanted by new hearts in the order of the queue for transplantation. David Rockefeller Sr. was repeatedly accused of having deprived him of the ability to survive one of the less well-off sick.
Despite the fact that many Western media write positive reviews about the oldest billionaire, his personality in many countries is assessed as contradictory.
Many believe that Rockefeller was the figure that had a huge impact on US foreign policy, and this period is often viewed negatively from the point of view of foreign policy.
And Rockefeller has repeatedly been accused of standing behind many of the decisions made by the US that led to crises and wars in many developing countries.
Rockefeller, working for the Chase Manhattan Bank, met with the heads of many countries, and he is accused of trying to implant a “world order”, of which his family was a part. Rockefeller is accused of helping to establish repressive, racist and fascist regimes around the world.
In addition, his actions led to an increase in global inequality.
Rockefeller was one of those who led to the debt crisis in the 1980s, in part with the help of his Chase Bank.
A couple of years before the crisis, Rockefeller held a meeting with key bankers to discuss the creation of a “safety cushion” for the largest banks, including Chase, who were giving out loans to the countries of the developing world.
After the financial crisis erupted in Latin America and other developing countries, Rockefeller and his fellow bankers created austerity program to “resolve” the debt crisis. This has led to an increase in inequality, which has flourished to this day …

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